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CADVertex - Services

  • Multi-CAD Customization.
  • Multiple domains - Aerospace, Automobile, Manufacturing, Plant, Tooling.

  • Write to us with your customization requirements.
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    Are your requirements similar to one of our completed projects:
    We can further customize any of these to meet your requirements:

  • Pack n Go
    - Reads a CAD assembly or product file.
    - Gathers all component parts into a specified folder.
    - Optionally zips the files in common zip or rar formats.

    - Useful for properly reopening the assembly on another workstation.
    - Useful for archiving purpose.
    - Some CAD programs have this functionality as a feature.

  • Data Archiver
    - Uses proprietory algorithm to reduce file size without loss of CAD data.
    - Optionally zips the files further in common zip or rar formats.
    - Batch processes all files in a specified folder.
    - Files open and save faster since file size is reduced.

  • Nesting 1
    - Scrap paper minimizer.
    - Uses proprietory algorithm to layout labels on a sheet of paper.
    - User can specify sheet size.
    - User can specify label size.
    - Utilizes scrap area further to nest different size labels from another job.

  • Nesting 2
    - Weight optimizer.
    - Fills a cutting shape onto a sheetmetal used in making platforms.
    - Calculates optimum weight of platform.
    - Within limits of strength and stability.

  • CNC
    - Reads in milling profile from a CAD file.
    - Outputs crude G- and M-code.
    - Code produced can be further adapted as required.
    - Useful for small machine shops doing 2.5 axis milling, wire-EDM jobs.
    - Useful for building in-house CAM software.

  • Assembly Data Exporter
    - Exports assembly/product data to various formats.
    - HTML, Excel, XML, PDF.
    - Data contains assembly components with images, count, material, cost, any other custom data or vital statistics.
    - Links back from HTML/Excel to original parts for quick access.
    - Useful for making product brochure directly from CAD file.
    - Useful for management overview.

  • Batch Import & Exporter
    - Batch exports part/assemblies to various formats (DWG, DXF, IGS, etc.) or as supported by the CAD program.
    - User-friendly interface.
    - Pick CAD files from multiple folders.
    - Auto-pick CAD files from nested folders.
    - Selectively remove files from the final batch.
    - Outputs log files with failure report.
    - Similarly batch imports various formats to native CAD.

  • Batch Image Generator
    - Batch generates images from CAD files.
    - Option to specify output format BMP, JPG, etc.
    - Option to specify output image size.
    - Useful for making product brochure, etc.
    - User friendly interface, log files.

  • Batch Views Updater
    - Batch updates multiple views on multiple sheets in multiple drawing files in mutiple folders.
    - Helps keeping drawings in sync with changes in parts before exporting out for production in DWG/DXF format.

  • Batch Views Creator
    - Creates DXF files directly from assembly/product files.
    - Creates DXF file with three standard views and one isometric view of the product/assembly.
    - Useful for publising standard views of product in DXF format on company website for customers to download.

  • Customized robotic arm simulation
    - Excel based customized robotic arm simulation.
    - Input and calculate various point, motion and angular parameters directly from Excel.
    - Observe changes live in the native CAD.
    - Saves configurations directly from Excel.

  • CG-Pro
    - Inserts a CG marker in an assembly.
    - Updates the CG marker as and when comopnents change position or when parts are added/removed.
    - Useful in visualization when designing SPM or assemblies operating at high speeds where balancing is critical.

  • ToolSelector Lite
    - Reads a CAD part file and determines volume to be removed from a milling job.
    - Helps select a set of standard end-mills from a library of end mills.
    - Also helps select seperate set of tools for roughing, finishing operations.

  • Bendlines Generator
    - Creates bendlines on a developed sheetmetal part.
    - Calculates cutting point data and exports to standard tables for shop-floor use.
    - Facility to specify number of Bendlines.
    - Also creates fully dimensioned developed part drawings.

  • Part Comparator
    - Compares two CAD parts.
    - Indicates differences in features.
    - Indicates similar, different and uniques features in compared parts.
    - Useful for comparison of two configurations of a concept design.

  • Drawing Comparator
    - Compares two CAD Drawings.
    - Indicates differences in drawings like text changes, view changes, etc.
    - Useful for quick comparison of two drawings on shop-floor for changes in machining instructions, dimensions, etc.

  • Assembly Comparator
    - Compares two CAD Assemblies/Products.
    - Indicates total parts, sub-assemblies, unique parts, common parts, unique part count, etc.
    - Useful for comparison of two configurations of a product.

  • Assembly Checker
    - Provides indepth data for a CAD Assembly/Product.
    - Indicates parts count, sub-assemblies count, out-of-date parts, over-constrined, under-constrained parts etc.
    - Useful for checking a CAD assembly for downstream use in motion analysis, FEA, etc.

  • Drawing Standards Checker
    - Checks a set of drawings against a standard drawing.
    - Indicates if drawings match company standards.
    - Checks standard title block, font, linetypes, dimensioning standards, custom properties, etc.
    - Some CAD programs have this functionality as a feature.

  • Match Properties
    - Match properties of a selected drawing element with other selected entities.
    - Matches layer, color, linetype, lineweight, etc.
    - Useful for draftsmen who have migrated from older drawing programs to 3D CAD.
    - Some CAD programs have this functionality as a feature.

  • Spell-Checker for CAD
    - Checks spelling of notes, annotations, etc. in a CAD Drawing.
    - Uses MS Word's dictionary and SpellChecker functionality
    - No CAD program has this functionality as a feature.

  • Find & Replace for CAD
    - Searches and replaces text in notes, annotations, etc. in a CAD Drawing.
    - No CAD program has this functionality as a feature.

  • Attribute Editor
    - Blocks in DWG files imported into MCAD programs convert to groups.
    - Facility to edit block attributes at once through a dialog interface.

  • Feature Painter
    - Match properties of a selected part features like draft angle, hole radius, chamfer angle, fillet radius.
    - Useful for machinists and tool-designers to quickly match draft angles, fillets, etc.

  • Feature Filter
    - Filters part features like draft, holes, chamfers, fillets, etc.
    - Facility to specify filter criteria like hole radius, draft angle, etc.
    - Highlights filtered features and adds to selection set for further operation.
    - Useful for machinists, mold-makers, tool-designers.

  • Feature Toggler
    - Toggles the suppress state of part features like draft, holes, chamfers, fillets, etc.
    - Useful to quickly simplify model based on a feature type for machinists, mold-makers, tool-designers, etc.

  • Feature Renamer
    - Renames part features in history tree like draft, holes, chamfers, fillets, etc.
    - Renames Fillet(1), Chamfer(2), Draft(3), Hole(4)... to Fillet_R12, Chamfer_8x45, Draft_2.5_Deg, Hole_R10, etc.
    - Saves time when navigating through model history and making changes.

  • Task Scheduler for CAD
    - Schedule tasks like overnight batch processing of CAD files.
    - Facility to spefify start time, date, instructions to execute upon job completion etc.
    - Facility to schedule any customised CAD programs or third-party utility.

  • VB Code Recorder
    - Code recorder for CAD programs which lack journaling.
    - API lookup just by clicking the command in the native CAD.
    - Facility to generate coding stubs with control over variable naming convention.

  • Parametric Parts and Assemblies
    - Update parametric parts, assemblies and subsequent drawings for:
        - Transformer casings.
        - Gearbox casings.
        - Heat-exchangers.
        - Clutch Design.
        - Broach Design.
        - Bellows.
        - Spring Design.
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